What’s with Israel

What’s with Israel

Teaser before leading CHOW session today for Business Connect on Israel.

At the turn of the year, St James’ Church in Piccadilly hosted a 2
week festival called Bethlehem Unwrapped to “celebrate the culture and stories of those living [in Bethlehem today] and their work for
peace.” The Vicar of the church, Rev Lucy Winkett, said it was “about
‘beautiful resistance’, not taking sides.” The Spectator called it
“absolute moral squalor” and an “anti-Israel hate-festival.”

The former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, died last month after
being in a coma for 8 years. President Shimon Peres described him as
“a brave soldier and a daring leader who loved his nation and his
nation loved him.” But a Senior Palestinian official said: “Sharon
was a criminal … and we would have hoped to see him appear before
the International Criminal Court as a war criminal.”

Nicholas Anelka is currently facing disciplinary charges from the
Football Association for celebrating a goal with the ‘quenelle’
gesture in support of a friend, M’bala M’bala, who has patented it.
His given name name means ‘God-given’ but the French Interior Minister has branded him an “anti-Semite and racist.”

In April, the moon will appear red during the Jewish Festival of
Passover. In his book, ‘Four Blood Moons,’ Pastor John Hagee’s
explains his belief that this is a sign that “something is about to
change” – and that the sign is linked with both the Land of Israel and
Christ’s return.