The Teacher

The Teacher

Advent reflection for 12 December 2013

Reading: John 3:1-21

Perhaps Nicodemus was afraid of what others might think if they saw him – a well-educated and well-respected man (a Pharisee) – hanging around with an eccentric carpenter. Perhaps Nicodemus’ day was crammed with duties of leading and instructing others (v.10). For whatever reason he came at night, Nicodemus reckoned he had something to learn from Jesus, because he called Him ‘Rabbi’ (which means teacher).

He clearly wasn’t expecting what he got. Nicodemus wanted more information; Jesus told him he needed a new mind. Nicodemus wanted to refine the well-ordered life he led; Jesus told him he needed to let the Spirit lead, and that He was as predictable as the wind. Nicodemus wanted to learn from what Jesus had to say; Jesus told him that he needed what Jesus had to do. Nicodemus came under the cover of darkness; he came to the light and was faced with a choice: to retreat from the reality Jesus exposed, or to let God deal with it.

When we come to Jesus as a ‘teacher,’ we must respond one way or the other to what He does rather than what he says.


Lord God, you see me as I really am. Thank you Father for sending Jesus to deal with what is wrong in me and for sending the Holy Spirit to put things right in me. Please help me to have the courage not to retreat from the light of Jesus and to let your Spirit lead me.