Tim is currently focussed on developing 3 projects.  Can you help?

  • Minute Mandarin
    From zero to GCSE Chinese in one minute modules on your mobile device
    Raising the levels of understanding of China in the English-speaking world by over-coming the principal barriers: lack of teachers, lack of time and perceived difficulty.
  • Silk Threads
    China’s 5000 year backstory in one 90 minute piece of entertainment
    From stage show to animated feature film weaving together the inspirational, comic and tragic threads that comprise the legacy of stories that shapes one fifth of humanity.
  • Ping
    Why holding opposites in tension is key to success in business and beyond
    A management book with accompanying presentations, workshops and consultancy to implement principles of balance learned from cross-cultural engagement.

You can find Tim’s CV on LinkedIn.  He is passionate about China, education, technology and business.  He earns a living by making China accessible to the English speaking world through his training and consulting company, Access China Ltd.

Tim is also a Christian thinker, preacher and speaker; a founder of BusinessConnect; and has served in leadership at Melbourn Baptist Church, Jersey Baptist Church, Tianjin International Fellowship and St Paul’s Church, Jersey.  You’ll find an archive of his talks here.

Tim is the husband of Helen and father of Oscar and Toby.  He was born in Jersey (Channel Islands) but has moved around a lot.  The family now lives in London.